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SeaHarmony welcomes all ocean scientists (including graduate students), formal and informal ocean educators, resource managers, and ocean related organizations and community groups.

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Humpbacks: A Conservation Success Story

Published 2015-07-28

The oceans of Australia are home a very biodiverse marine environment that is, unfortunately, subject to negative impacts by coastal human activity. As a result, Australia has one of the highest rates in the world of animal species that face extinction. Luckily, there are a few species, including the humpback whale that are rebounding and beginning to thrive once again in these waters. A new study published by Dr. Michelle Bejder and colleagues proposes that, due to their rebound following years of protection efforts, east and west coast humpbacks should have their conservation status... (more)

seaHarmony aims to:

  • Help ocean scientists identify and develop broader impacts opportunities and collaborators for their research.
  • Improve ocean literacy, public understanding, and decision making by connecting scientists, educators, cultural practitioners, and resource managers in compatible, successful partnerships.
  • Enhance interest in ocean science career pathways by facilitating interaction of scientists with teachers and students.

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