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SeaHarmony welcomes all ocean scientists (including graduate students), formal and informal ocean educators, resource managers, and ocean related organizations and community groups.

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Junk DNA may not be "junk" after all!

Published 2015-09-01

As techniques in genetics and molecular ecology evolve, so does the scientific understanding of the ancestry of genes and genomes. The genetic code written in DNA contains genes, sections of DNA read by the cell that are translated into functional proteins. However, only a small portion of the genome codes for these genes and rest has been referred to as “junk DNA”. Now, researchers at UC Davis, University of Munster in Germany, and UA Tucson are finding that this non-coding section of the genetic code may not be “junk” after all. Genes, like animals and plants, have a lineage and... (more)

seaHarmony aims to:

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